Something to Drink 6


CD Digipack (OECD 210) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 300 copies


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And finally here comes chapter number 6 in the "Something to Drink" saga.
The album was entirely record on analogic in the magic of southern Italy in an old cellar full of dust & bottles of best red wine.

Daniele J. with the help of his old time partner Alex and a couple of bottles of red wine and his hot voice will drive you in his drunken, sad, hot, Mediterranean, night world...

For best enjoy those sounds open a bottle of good south-Italian red wine, sit by the moon, light your cigarette, relax, possibly with your girl or boyfriend and enter the simple but magic world of DIVISION S.

For fans of: Roma Amor / Novy Svet / Bain Wolfkind / O Paradis...

A wonderful cabaret that reminds to old times that will never come again.
Nine untitled sad-pop tracks.

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