Special Interests #13


Magazine (None) - FREAK ANIMAL

Thicker than couple previous issues - Magazine weight: 200Gr

48/A4 pages packed with small text (Helvetica, 7 point) providing a lot of information about international harsh noise, industrial noise, power electronics, experimental.
Some interviews are longer, taking look into entire career of artists.
Some are shorter, focusing around particular recent release and recent themes.

1. Front cover: Aprapat
2. Editorial: Mikko A
5. Kovana by: Gerrit Van Horebeek & Mikko A
8. Antipatik Records by: Gerrit Van Horebeek
11. Maskhead & Hiisi prod. by: Gerrit Van Horebeek
13. Gutter Disease Records by: Gerrit Van Horebeek
15. Citalopram Shunyata by: Gerrit Van Horebeek & Mikko A
19. Tyhjä Pää by: Mikko Polus
22. SM/PD by: Mikko Polus
23. Climax Denial by: Nevis Kretini
26. Divin Droit by: Mikko Polus
28. Bagman by: Nevis Kretini
32. Destroy Oneself by: Linekraft manifesto
34. Linekraft by: Takahiko Yokoyama
37. Mogao by: Mikko Polus
38. Aprapat by: Mikko Polus
39. The New Boyfriends by: Mikko Polus
43. Rotat by: Gerrit Van Horebeek
46. Beyond Industrial Noise? by: Mikko A
48 / A4 pages, english.

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