Be Other: Cosmic Hits from the Future Room



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It is with great pride that Disques de Lapin and Eskimo Films present the essence of Stavo Craft for posterity.
Both retrospective and futurist, "Be Other: Cosmic Hits from the Future Room" includes the very best of Craft's musical releases to date (spanning more than a decade of "low budget - high-impact" recordings) along with a DVD experience and curious communiqué "On Being Other".
In short, "Be Other" transports the turned-on listener from this modern psychic wasteland to a timeless wilderness of consciousness.

These classic tracks evoke a world where the French pop of Serge Gainsbourg, Yoko Ono's conceptualism, Sun Ra's otherworldliness, and perhaps even a touch of early Cat Stevens melt into a strange and previously undiscovered creature.
The video portion of the release contains a music video for "Aberration" shot by Thomas Nöla, a film interpretation of Craft's "Godstorm" by Steven Boling, several performances by other artists who use Craft's music as a soundtrack, and an in-depth interview.

Let the unicorn priest into your stereo...into your TV...into your very mind!
Comes as a silk-screened CD-R and DVD-R in a slim DVD case with a curious communiqué.

1.1 Aberration
1.2 Freedom's Little Baby
1.3 My Skyplane
1.4 Wavelength In Your Tower
1.5 The Sound Mirror
1.6 Yukio Mishima
1.7 Addict
1.8 Alien-Sponsored Pirate Radio
1.9 The Future Room
1.10 King Coria (Rise Mago Rise)
1.11 Walking On Water
1.12 Love Is A Unicorn
1.13 Kill Kill
1.14 View Over Williamsburg
1.15 The White Darkness
1.16 Blue
1.17 Beaujolais
1.18 Bonjour...Alors

2.1 Aberration (Music Video)
2.2 Godstorm (Short Film)
2.3 Other By other
2.4 Stavo Craft's Wilderness Of Consciousness (Interview)

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