Little Flowers Dying


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Suckdog (also know as The Suckdog Circus) toured every state in the continental United States for several years during late '80s and '90s, performing a mix of wrestling, musical performances, film-screenings and general audience agitation.
The heart of the Suckdog Circus were the "Industrial-Noise" music operas written by Costes and Lisa Crystal Carver.
Strange experimental fantasy-porn stories with lots of blood, sex and audience agitation.

1 The Song Of The Brain
2 The Seaweed
3 Sunless Underworld
4 Sun
5 Little Flowers Dying I
6 Someone Faraway
7 My Arms In The Night
8 Someone Else
9 The Alien
10 12/89 (Where You Went)
11 Instrumental
12 Something In Me Ugly
13 Bad Dream
14 Little Flowers Dying II
15 8/89 (He Left Us Together)
16 A Call To The Sun
17 Go Insane
18 I Want To Die
19 Little Flowers Dying III

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