The Beauty of Sadness [2019 Re-Edition]


CD Digibook (IF-97) - INFINITE FOG

Over the seven years of its existence, maeror Tri have recorded genre-defining material that has lost none of its relevance even after more than a quarter of a century.

We are pleased to announce "The Beauty of Sadness" - one of the band's most striking albums.
An emotional, melancholy, sentimental, melodic drone ambient album, which can be considered a classic of the genre on a par with "Myein".
You will search in vain for industrial or noise elements, as featured on the group's more heavy releases, herein the eponymous beauty and sadness reign supreme.
This release comes highly recommended for any listener with only a passing interest in Drone-music, be it guitar- and electronic-based

Recorded between October 91 and September 93, "The Beauty of Sadness" became the 11th full-length Maeror Tri tape, which was released in 1996 shortly before their breakup on the very peak of the group's strength.
The bonus track "Immersion in Emotion" was recorded around the same sessions as the album itself in October 1993, and first appeared on the video collection "From the Hills of Dream".
This new version of "The Beauty of Sadness" has been fully remastered in 2019 by Peter Andersson (raison d'etre) resulting in a literally shockingly improved sound experience, the erroneously added silent tracks from its earlier CD incarnation have been deleted and the overall previously ubiquitous surface noise removed.

Album somes in a special digi-book cover.

1 Avaldamon
2 Pandere
3 Melting In Warmth
4 Take My Hope To Fertile Fields
5 These Tears Will Crystallize (Full-Length Version)
6 Dreamscaping
7 Emotional Imprinting
8 Escogido
9 Maestus
10 Res Magnifica
11 Immersion In Emotion

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