The Death of Myself


CD Digipak (NF093) - NEW FORCES

Rereleased to celebrate the tenth anniversary of New Forces, an album from the label's first batch of releases.
At the time, Koufar's "The Death of Myself" represented the closing of the project's first chapter.
A sonic requiem delivered at maximum volume.
The innovative blend of classical samples and abrasive vocal exhortations carved out a unique position in contemporary power-electronics.
Over time Koufar's influence on the genre has grown, and these recordings are once more available, fully remastered by Grant Richardson with new art and two additional bonus tracks: one unique to this CD, the other previously included on the "The League of the Divine Wind" compilation.

1.  Dies Irae Pt. II 8:54
2.  Daily Life 0:58
3.  The Death Of Bachir (The Death Of Myself) 9:58
4.  The League Of The Divine Cedar 9:11
5.  I Only Speak English (Cuz I'm A Real Sandnigger) 8:27

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