Returning with “Ösforrás”, their third album, the Hungarian duo invite the listener to the star-woven realm of the wise elders, the ones who knew the secrets of nature and walked the path of light eternal, and embody on their new material a more tribal and exotic approach, in intense rituals dedicated to the old and eternal tradition.

This collection of songs, which feed from the Ösforrás - the “Source Pristine”, the primordial womb, from which all has sprung, a sacred place where all is one - comes together as an offering to the slumbering gods of the old forests, streams and stones.
Weaving a web where threads of ancient mysticism combine with dreamy atmospheres, where World Music acquires a bewitching Pagan aura, The Moon and the Nightspirit live up to their potential as one of the most exciting and refreshing acts in the genre.

We stock the collector’s edition hard-cover 19,5cm x 14cm Digibook, with full-colour booklet including large reproductions of several paintings created for this purpose.
The collector’s edition also includes one exclusive bonus track featuring guest appearances by Catarina Raposo (Dwelling), Saskia Dommisse (Poets to their Beloved) and Alessandra Santovito (Hexperos).

1 Álomidő 3:37
2 Ég Felé 6:02
3 Ősforrás 5:07
4 Fénybe Térő 5:13
5 Benső Patak 5:07
6 Tűzben Születő 5:04
7 Alkonyvarázs 5:46
8 Hétvilág 4:43
9 Földanya Sóhaja 4:21

10 Csillag-Ős 5:22 (Bonus track exclusive for the Digibook release)

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