Days that are no more




Founded in 2006 by Didì (voice, flute, sitar, lyrics) and Martino (guitar, bass ,percussions, harp, chorus), the Song Sparrows are the result of a great passion for late 60's,early 70's british Acid Folk.
In 2009, after some successful live exhibitions, they decided to record a selfmade demo "Rhymes before Spring".
Love for animals, respect for Mother Nature and worshipping of the whole Creation in all its forms represent not only a musical inspiration emphasized in the evocative, fairy-tale lyrics plonged in a bucolic and pastoral atmosphere between imagination and reality, but a real, coherent lifestyle.
The Animistic conception of the Universe is the inspiration for the debut album "Days that are no more".

Tracklist :
1. Desert - intro
2. Nor ever wind blows loudly
3. Teaching birds to sing
4. The nine days Queen
5. Allegro Op.9 (Benedetto Marcello)
6. The Maid's lament
7. Woodland Whisper
8. Days that are no more
9. Quicksand
10. Time in my life
11. Rhymes before Spring
12. Gently Johnny
13. November Reverie
14. Farewell - outro

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