Vishnu Steps on a Psychedelic Path


CD Digipack (AR 001) - 412 RECORDINGS

"Vishnu steps on a Psychedelic Path" the second album by the Genoese acid folk duo The Song Sparrows, follows at a distance of 2 and a half years their debut album "Days that are no more” out on OEC.
While maintaining the characteristic components of a folk group, ballads and bucolic atmospheres are intertwined with a deep Psychedelic soul thanks to the fusion of sitar, moog, flute, mellotron and improvisation.
Recurring themes are the communion with the universe, the love for nature and animals, respect for the Great mother Earth.
A journey through spirituality and Karma.

Especially the addition of Sitar to the instruments played by Didì Kundalini is giving an heavy psychedelic touch to the sound of the Saprrows and creates togethe with Didì's voice a unique mix of Psychedelic-Pop and Folk-Rock.

Tracklist :
01. Vishnu Steps pn a Psychedelic Path
02. Kundalini
03. Path to perfection
04. Aries
05. Indian Serenade
06. Ananda (Mother nature)
07. Child of the Infinity
08. Cold Dawn
09. The Uniquiet Grave [re-arranged traditional song]
10. Kalachakra

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