An Occasion For Death


CD Digipack (TumorCD67) - MALIGNANT

When one looks at the hierarchy of US power electronics and death industrial, few names belong at the top like Rhode Island’s The Vomit Arsonist.
The project of Andrew Grant since 2004, time has seen The Vomit Arsonist evolve into a major force, channeling aggression, negativity, and spite, and molding it into a focused, pinpoint display of barely restrained power and purely dark emotion.
The 7 tracks found An Occasion for Death encapsulate this to near perfection, blending bleak, atmospheric drones and ominous synth layers with distorted frequency grind, mechanized rhythms, looping pulsations, and vocals that cut through the mix with unbridled animosity and ferocity.
Mastered by Steel Hook Audio.

Tracklist :
1 Think God Out Of Existence 6:18
2 At The Edge Of Life, Everything Is An Occasion For Death 5:32
3 Invita Minerva 5:01
4 Black Bile 4:38
5 Torn Between Will And Desire 6:51
6 The Absurd 5:10
7 Means To An End 9:59

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