Things I Was Due To Forget (1979 - 2005)

M. BRYO & D.M.T. (The Klinik)


"M.BRYO + DMT is one of the musical projects of the Antwerpen based multimedia artist Mark BURGHGRAEVE.
In the late seventies Mark followed Art school and from young age tempered with electronics.
He formed M.BRYO + D.M.T. his first full synthetic band that time with some fellow students.
M.BRYO + D.M.T. played from 1982 till 1984 in clubs, cultural centers, chappels and exhibitions sometimes complete with the D.M.T. band, sometimes solo.
Among (lots) of other things, Mark constructed the original THE KLINIK with Marc Verhaeghen and collaborated with the (in)famous theatre director Jan FABRE...
"Things I was due to forget" is a compilation of songs that appeared on K7 and vynils or came from M.BRYO's personal archives of unreleased tapes all remastered by the artist especially for the release.
Superb Minimal-Synthwave.

1 Shift 3:24
2 DMT Street 3:50
3 Embryo 3:47
4 Things I Was Due To Forget 3:36
5 Show Me Your Hands 2:48
6 Let's Go To War 4:20
7 The Lab 2:54
8 Shrinking Room 3:45
9 Relax 3:44
10 Scrotum Impurnicus 1:50
11 Shift (alt. version) 4:04
12 DMT Street (instr. version) 2:50
13 Things I Was Due To Forget (instr. version) 4:52
14 The Station Below 5:04
15 Train Of Inertia 5:04
16 Flashing Down A Mountain 4:04
17 Stahlmobil 3:55
18 All Water Shall Be Boiled 7:00

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