CD Digisleeve (169th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

Kammarheit finally returns with his fourth full-length album.
In its 20 years since the formation of the project, Pär Boström has delivered time and time again some of the most compelling and dare we say authentic Dark Ambient music ever to grace our ears.
Following up on his previous works he now presents Thronal, another profound and spellbinding journey and another meaningful chapter in Kammarheit’s indefinable story, from a true master of his craft. “I took the crown and the throne acted as a magnet, drawing the attention of distant stars…”

CD comes in 6 panel Digisleeve.

1 Iron Bloodstream 5:07
2 Before It Was Known As Sleep 5:41
3 Carving The Coordinates 5:08
4 The Two Houses 5:43
5 Now Golden, Now Dark 6:35
6 In The Dreamer's Fields 4:40
7 Abandonment And Connection 5:04
8 The Magnetic Throne 6:01

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