Throw a Stone



Limited Edition 210 copies

MO*TE propels forward in 2021 with another full-length offering of morphed noise psychedelics on “Throw A Stone”.
Two words that come to mind when I think of Mo*Te are “JUNK” and “DRUGS”, perhaps because looking through release titles and track names from his catalog will show that Nagura certainly has a proclivity for themes of damage, refuse, and a consciousness under the influence of mind-altering substances.
Weaving together acid-soaked noise electronics, junk metal, delirious vocals and what sounds like field recordings from a densely-populated industrial megacity not too far into the future, MO*TE takes curious listeners on a trip through dark and caustic alleyways, opening various doors along the way to reveal bizarre scenes of the subconscious; places where thoughts and things tossed away previously come together to create something new, strange, and stimulating.
In one word: JAPANOISE!

1.  Go To Flashback
2.  Up End
3.  Dark Bed
4.  Old Acid
5.  Out Cry
6.  Street Scream
7.  Out Cry/X Remix

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