Triple Mania II


CD Jewel-Box (EMY 151-2) - CHARNEL HOUSE

Rare album released back in 1995 - One copy back on stock
Used item in perfect conditions.

CRASH WORSHIP was an American experimental industrial-noise performance group founded in 1986 around San Diego, California.
CRASH WORSHIP ADRV (Adoración De Rotura Violenta) live shows were infamous for their unrivaled & unlimited chaos and celebration, often performing in open-spaces, they were liting fires & totaly abandoning to the ritual.
Led by a strong trio of drummers, the band creates an atmosphere of bacchanalia and total abandon.
Their recordings explore different aspects of rhythm and psychedelia.
A real orghy of rithms!

One of the leading members in that group was MARKUS WOLFF who became later well known with his Folk-Country-Esoteric project WALDTEUFEL.

There are many different editions of that CD, we offer the Jewel-Box edition with color printed cover on transparent acetate.
The transparent printed cover is bulding a very special effect with te print on CD label.

1 Wild Mountain 3:12
2 Pyru 5:05
3 Phuchi 5:02
4 Muscolos 4:48
5 TCB 3:58
6 Triple Mania I 3:39
7 Night Shoe 4:29
8 Vitamin X 2:38
9 Bring Me The Head Of Jeff Mattson 3:19
10 Git On Home 4:25
11 Live NYC 92 11:56

This is rare!
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