Vanilla Bloodshame


CD in Large Envelope (GD17) - GUTTER DISEASE

First full-length album by that SCATMOTHER side-project dedicated to murky, textured and harsh, rumbling Noise.
Featuring brand-new tracks as well as the first ones to have ever been recorded for this project, "Vanilla Bloodshame" explores incest and inner-family sexuality from various angles.
From sadistic abuse to playful consensual experimentation, from Greek and German world literature to unartistic modern pornography.
Co-release with Obsessive Fundamental Realism.
Housed in diy OFR style packaging.

1 Beneath The Bedsheets 5:14
2 Vanilla Bloodshame 9:03
3 Frivol Und Neuogierig 2:40
4 Sisterelit 3:33
5 The Blood Of The Walsungs 5:46
6 Showerplay 9:55
7 Iokaste 3:32

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