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CD Jewel Box (PO23W-2) - PALACE OF WORMS

The Battle of Nikolaevka (Никоаевка) was fought on January 26, 1943 as small part of the larger Battle of Stalingrad.
The Battle pitted forces of the Italian 8th Armys Alpini Corps against the four Soviet Armies.
In fifteen days the soldiers covered 200 km on foot, fought twenty-two battles and spent fourteen nights camped in the middle of the Russian Steppe, temperatures during the night fell between −30 °C and −40 °C.
65 years later a new assault from italian army in form of best apocalyptic neofolk
and martial sounds.

Tracklisting :

Albireon - Il deserto dei tartari
All My Faith Lost - Icy Dawns
Rose Rovine e Amanti - Noi ritorneremo
Der Feuerkreiner - Der Morgen
L’Effet C’Est Moi - Bellica virtus in Itinere
Das Lange Messer - Lie's hour
Sala delle Colonne - Un'Impresa di Valore
Hexperos - The Warm Whisper of the Wind
Lia Fail - In This Square (Night Version)
The Green Man - The Joys and Toils of Warfare Under Tempestuous Reign of Archidamus II
The Well of Sadness - Like Before
Calle della Morte - Cartoline dall'Inferno
The Growing Crystals Lab - Death of a dark angel
Symbiosis - Il Trionfo della Caducita'
At The Funeral Of My Violet Rabbit - Bird Of Ill Omen
Gregorio Bardini - Hic Manebimus Optime!
Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum - Un Impero di Pace!
Sir Logla feat. Coro Dell'Innominato - Bombardano Cortina

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