ALTARMANG [Kammarheit]

CD A5 Digifile (99th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

The debut album of a new musical entity by Pär Boström (better known as the man behind KAMMARHEIT) and Kenneth Hansson.
An expanded version of the limited edition cassette released by Hypnagoga Press in late 2016, this new version features two previously unreleased tracks and has been remastered by Frederic Arbour.
ALTARMANG offers uniquely intuitive and hypnotic atmospherics through reel-to-reel tape loops and analog tonalities.
All infused with herbal alchemy and ceremonial surrendering.

1 Sulphur 19:11
2 Aether 15:04
3 Salamander 09:20
4 Kheper 07:08

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