XIBIPIIO. In and Out of Experience



And here finally comes the second part of the collaboration by those two monsters of Dark-Ambient that started with " De Aeris In Sublunaria Influxu" released in 2015.
Raison D'Etre sound sources used and processed by Troum 2013-2017 (deranged and reframed, morphed and transformed).
Additional material recorded by Troum 2013-2017: guitars, voices, flutes, accordeon, cello, violin, didgeridoo, dombra, tapes, found sounds...
Based on a notion of the fascinating Amazonian Piraha tribe, this is an excursion into nine different micro-worlds of perception and consciousness.
Music that reaches for the eternal, but it only exists in the very moment!

1. In Den Wellen, Ein Sehnen
2. The Machine Starts To Sing
3. Eigi Einhamr
4. Ārdaga
5. Hang'-E-Lah
6. Dreiklang Aus Äther
7. Ijä-Kyl
8. Expulsion Of The False Self
9. Epōdós

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