Tjukurrpa (part three: rhythms and pulsations)


CD in round shaped cover (TR-01 - C) - TRANSGREDIENT

Finally the entire "Tjukurrpa " trilogy was repressed and we can offer all 3 CD's once more ...

Tjukurrpa (Part Three: Rhythms and Pulsations) is a stunning piece of ritual ambient music that will easily seduce any music of loving Fairy.
The music exudes an aura of archaic knowledge that is communicated to the listener via musical sounds.
Troum transforms sound from a mere audio occurrence into something that is both dark and sacred.
The feeling the music inspires is nameless and has no allegiance.
The ancient collective memories the music stirs echo through the listeners mind and memory like wandering ghosts from a forgotten time.
Faeries that indulge in esoteric music and enjoy the leap of faith that it takes to abandon oneself to such a journey will want to experience the sacred path Troum is uncovering. Radical Faeries familiar with the work of Ah Comma Sotz and Rapoon will find Troum has taken a similar get very different path as these artists have chosen.
Fans of standard ambient music and dark music fans that don't have experience in the realms of drone and sacred rhythmic ambient will find this release to be a glorious gateway into this emerging genre.

1 Ignis Sacer 8:57
2 Orphne 9:43
3 Saiwala 9:24
4 Wáian / Moys 10:12
5 Reigen Taumelnder Geister 9:02
6 Wheaio 9:03
7 Airþeins 10:03

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