Seeing-Ear Gods


CD Digipack (ZOHAR 017-2) - ZOHARUM

'Seeing-Ear Gods' is the re-release of the obscure CDr out years ago on Discorporeality Recordingsl.
Remastered by Anders Peterson (from Ghost Sounds mastering studio) responsible for dusting off other Troum / Maeror Tri releases.
'Seeing-Ear Gods' is quite different a release from 'Autopoiesis / Nahtscato' released on Zoharum last year.
It's not as multilayered or varied, but at the same time is much more minimalist and hence very hypnotic.
It works more on the subconscious level.
Demonstrates how to create a mindblowing atmosphere with very little sounds involved.
Just one track, divided into 6 separate parts, but be assured that you will press the 'repeat' button a lot of times.

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