Darve Sh / Ajin


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Reissue of two rare vinyls, presented on one CD.
This is the ritual face of Troum!

"Darve Sh" was released in 2003 as a 10” vinyl on Beta-Lactam Ring Records, as part 10 in the "Lactamase" series.
Darve Sh is the etymological Persian source for "Dervish", meaning "doorway" (a metaphor for being between this world and the netherworld).

"Ajin" was released in 2005 as a picture disc 12” vinyl on Equation Records.
Ajin is Hebrew for "eye", but also means "colour" or "source" and is the 16th letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
The right eye looks into the sky for transcendence, the left eye looks to the ground to the word of god (one that dances and the other that speaks) - a balance of contradictions.

§ Darvê Sh 10" tracks
1 Darvê Sh (A) 13:18
2 Darvê Sh (B) 15:35

§ Ajin 12" tracks
3 Tatan 7:48
4 Aurddrach 7:04
5 Chertanovo 9:37
6 Yemanja 4:23

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