Yak Folks Y'Are


CD Gatefold (N 028) - NEFRYT

Limited Edition 444 copies

Volcano The Bear is an English quartet founded in Leicester in 1995 who specialise in eerily unmusical and hypnotic music, oscillating, tribal waltzes and seemingly structureless, sparsely populated soundscapes to downright spooky rhythmic and vocal exercises.
A series of abstract sounds strung together by random outbursts of strings, distorted piano, manipulated vocal noises and odd percussion.
Something like The Residents are playing Nurse With Wound...?

"Yak Folks Y'are" was originally issued by Pickled Egg in 1999 as a mini LP.
While "My Favourite Lungs" & "Massive Furniture Invasion" was originally issued by Alt.Vinyl in 2006 as a lathe cut 8".

1 Where Are The Bounds?
2 Banket Ball
3 Nobody's Falling
4 Egg Knowledge
5 Oslo Top
6 Hello Graham
7 My Favourite Lungs
8 Massive Furniture Invasion

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