Secular Hymns


CD Digipack (TumorCD61 ) - MALIGNANT

Actively recording since 1999, Egan Budd’s Xiphoid Dementia has become known in the underground and in numerous live situations for creating meticulously crafted yet hard to define, post industrial soundscapes, navigating between textured ambience, scourging noise, junk metal, field recordings, and surreal atmospheres, sometimes all in one track. Still, there’s a hyper-focus here that ties it altogether, and makes for something that is dynamic, unpredictable, and clearly ambitious.

Those that appreciate the dynamics of Navicon Torture Technologies, Prurient, and Propergol will certainly find something to like but that album can also bring to mind more dark ambient tunes in the way of Morthound or ‘Lech’....

Tracklist :
1 Abortion Rites 14:40
2 My Time Will Never Come 10:26
3 What You Believe 15:34
4 Breathe 13:48

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