Your Limit

OOZEPUS [collaboration between COFFINS & LINEKRAFT]

CD EP Jewel-Box (TumorCD103) - MALIGNANT

A collaborative project between members of death metal/doom legends COFFINS and industrial, junk metal abuser supreme, LINEKRAFT.
Oozepus is a three piece, noise rock band reveling in the physicality and simplistic brutality of early era Godflesh and Swans. Your Limit is Oozepus’ first official release, a 4 track EP built on battering repetition and singular, monolithic riffs, and propelled forth by rigid bass lines, Bungo Uchino’s warbled, under water vocals, and massive percussive pummel.
All of it’s delivered with an infectious and hypnotic cadence, coalescing into a towering wall of heaviness and pressurized sludge.Not necessarily what you’ve come to expect out of Malignant, and yet, sure to find appeal to those with industrial sensibilities and to those that appreciate all manners of extreme music.

"…the best way I can think to describe it as a mash-up of ‘Streetcleaner’ Godflesh and ‘Filth’ era Swans with the rumbling bass lines and abrasive edges of 90’s noise rock" Transcending Obscurity.

1  Your Limit  3:44
2  Insult  4:24
3  C.Y.N.  4:46
4  Farmers  8:55

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