Copycat Killer (CD re-edition)

SADIO [Grunt - Nicole 12 / Skin-Graft]

CD Jewel-Box (FA-CD-154) - FREAK ANIMAL

Re-edition of the tape out in 2020 on Freak Animal.
"Copycat Killer" is a 42 minutes of SADIO maniac ripping.
A series of P/E hits by best groups in the genre!
SADIO for that album was: Mikko Aspa & Skin-Graft.

1   Do As You Are Told
2   Moor Rapist
3   Listen, Bitch!
4   Right To Kill
5   Tit Pulp
6   Dominate Her
7   Rape Time
8   Dogday
9   King Of Kings

Track 1 is a Final Solution cover.
Track 2 is a Con-Dom cover.
Track 3 is an Intrinsic Action cover.
Tracks 4 and 5 are Whitehouse covers.
Track 6 is a The Grey Wolves cover.
Track 7 is an Atrax Morgue cover.
Track 8 is a Genocide Organ cover.
Track 9 is a Taint cover.

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