JOHN ZEWIZZ [Sleep Chamber]



  • Blackstrap Corset
  • Insomnia
  • Obesession (I Want You)

JOHN ZEZIZZ releases hiz first solo CD stepping out ov the SLEEPCHAMBER shadows after almost 30 years!
Thru the eras ov Sexmagick, Fetish, Electronic Goth, The Barbitchuettes, Women Of The SS, and at least 6 other stages ov his own unique esoteric styles ov musick :
“2012” starts out at the title track.
A dance kick poly rhythm styled piece that abstractly question us if 2021 will be the end ov daze.
Strangely, you will find the chorus hauntingly hard to evict.

“IMMORTALITY" slinks along like an electric styled 'Gang Of Four' track with strangle stayed guitar leads and heavy bass beats.

“BLACKSTRAP CORSET” iz a great fetish fun-house piece complete with clown house laughter, school teacher commands and a great heavy low pounding beat – The chorus is clever and sleazy...

“INSOMNIA” iz a long piece that contains a steady bass pulse laced in all sorts ov exotik stereo electronix.
With a theme ov suggested bestiality and no sleep the track iz nightmare like and bizarre, but still very interesting. Jaguar growls included.

“OBSESSION” iz a whispered fetish command vocal styled strap beat track.
The overlaid electornix are ghostly and unique.
Az what haz made SLEEPCHAMBER so original exists here.
Obviously Mr. Zewizz iz the main ingredient in the SLEEPCHAMBER formula.

“SPY VS SPY” iz a trip in a dimensional layer ov dark and eerie rhythms that flow thru your veins az whispered vocals again penetrate the subconscious in a virus like degree.

“HELLS ANGELS” iz a poly rhythm driven track with a heavy beat kick & Harley's racing through out.

“EECIFORP?” iz proficiency backwards.
Again the most abstract track on the CD suggesting 2012 being the end ov time.

Ending the CD is a 12 ½ minute dance re-mix ov the title track “2012”.
But after the first 5 minutes it scratches into a surreal vocal style ov the opening track.

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