Many Hands Should Throw Stones




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Many Hands Should Throw Stones is the eagerly awaited follow up to Sleeping Pictures’ debut Nether Edge, which was described by critics as “A rare alchemy of melancholy and bitterness”.
The twelve new compositions which make up the new release take the sounds of the first album into new and different territories bringing to the album a range of new influences and ideas.
Whilst retaining the acoustic feel of Nether Edge on a few of the songs, Sleeping Pictures’ music writer Gary Parsons has brought a selection of new sonic arrangements to this album.
This includes sombre piano pieces, experimental soundscapes and an expansion upon the electric guitar work hinted at on their previous release.
The lyrics of vocalist Marc Blackie have also began to explore new themes whilst retaining his characteristic bleakness.
With traces of dark humour he explores the conditions of modern life, love, sexuality and religion.
Moreover Sleepig Pictures musicians was collaborating with Sol Invictus & to the forthcoming Lark Blames album, this album is an essential purchase for those who have followed the work of the band to date and also those keen to discover
new and diverse music within the noir & neo-psychedelic pop'n'folk genre.

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