Lullabies From Our Dreams

WE WAIT FOR THE SNOW [Selaxon Lutberg]

CD Digipack (FM 09) - FINAL MUZIK

"We Wait For The Snow" was born in the Winter season of 2004/05.
The founding member of the project is Andrea Penso, alredy active with Selaxon Lutberg and Cold Current label, helped by her old friend Simone Zuccolin.
The sound is deliberately lo-fi, and it is created exclusively with economical instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, cheap keyboards, accordeon, varius non-musical objects, flute, toys, percussions, tapes ...
The aim is creating a confidential atmosphere through the balance between “dream” and “sadness”.
You can find this sense of precarious balance in the songs that alternate moments of pure improvisation with much more studied and controlled tracks.
“Lullabies From Our Dreams” is the band's first official album; the songs are about dreams, lullabies and tales from the forest, stories of stones, woods, leaves,
dead men, big trees, and girls that speak with demons ...
For fans of raw, occult and lo-fi recordings, Fursaxa, Troum, Current 93,
drone music and neo psych-folk, folk noir ...
Field recordings, concrete noise and acoustic melodies...

1  The Flautist     2:48
2  Forgotten Lovers    3:40
3  The Girl Who Spoke With The Demon     8:48
4  Centre Of Wood     4:00
5  Old Dead Man's Lullaby     2:04
6  Leaves (Of Soft Sorrow)     8:24
7  Waiting For The Snow     3:52
8  From Our Dreams (Part. I)     2:48
9  ...Ancora Qui     3:12
10  From Our Dreams (Part. II)     3:12
11  Under The Big Red Tree     5:36

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