ALESIA COSMOS (Alésia Cosmos)

2xLP (hat ART 2021) -

Album dated 1985 / Vinyl's in perfect conditions / Cover looks a bot aged, with some creases and bents
Album includes one full LP + a One-Sided LP

In the '80s, Alésia Cosmos was one of those pioneering groups that invented a handful of things: uprooted electro, pop-shifted funk.
With some synths, rhythm boxes, magnetic tapes, crazy guitars and hallucinated voices, they rocked the underground for four years, with two albums, playing live in France and Europe.
The dazzling epic of the magic combo has become legendary in the margin of new European music.
The first LP,Exclusivo!, was self-produced in 1983 and marked the beginning of the association between Bruno de Chenerilles, Pascal Holtzer, and Marie-Berthe Servier Aéroproducts Hat Hut Records.
Recorded, produced, and designed by the group, the object to the three photos captured in the windows of the Musee Zoologique de Strasbourg, was not quite a double-LP, because it contained only three sides of recorded music.

A1  The Last Line 4:30
A2  Est.W.Est 2:05
A3  Marienbad 4:05
A4  So Far Again 1:00
A5  Battler Britton 1:50
A6  Halftrack 6:35
B1  Rapide 2:55
B2  Eventreur 2:25
B3  King Kong 2:10
B4  Affair Tanaka 5:00
B5  La Panthere Du 20ème 2:00
B6  Still So Far 1:00
B7  Sex Is Like A Cigarette 4:40
C1  Danse Des Canards 2:55
C2  Love Attack 5:00
C3  Hors Cage  3:25
C4  Global Baiser (M.M.L.2) 4:35
D  The Laughing Groove For Any R.P.M  0:00

This is rare!
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