L'Inconfort Nécessaire



Limited Edition 250 copies

Debut album by AME DE BOUE, the solo project of Dasz, one of the two men-behind-the-machines in the Franco-Belgian outfit DOLINA.
If the family resemblance cannot be denied – especially in the nag for sweeping, synth-driven cold-wave anthems – AME DE BOUE’s music is also more personal and intimate, with a raw edge and an urgency which command the listener’s emotional involvement on each track, from the dance-floor orientated electro songs to the eerie Third Wave ballads and the more introspective, angst-laden waltzes.
A distant sense of threat and a definite claustrophobic mood pervade the album, relieved here and there by touches of black humour, echoes of 80s New Wave and electro-punk surges.
Welcome to the Saturday night’s ball on the isolation ward!

Tracklist .
A1 Intro 1:45 :
A2 L'Inconfort Nécassaire 3:19
A3 Toutes Les Histoires Sont Bizarres 3:32
A4 Scared 3:24
A5 Self Control 1:46
A6 Confusion 2:53
A7 La Ronde Des Masques 2:15

B1 Something Human 2:58
B2 Slut 2:23
B3 Ireisai 0:55
B4 Fun To Be Dead 2:25
B5 A Good Boy Is A Dead Boy 2:37
B6 Une Île 2:06
B7 Angel 3:41
B8 Summer Song 2:50

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