Security of Ignorance


LP (Thaglasz 10) - THAGLASZ

This is a promotional copy of the HARVEST RAIN LP included in the legendary "Security of Ignorance" 10 x LP Box set which was released in only 200 numbered copies by Thaglasz in 2002 !

The vinyls was produced in different nuances : clear vinyl with glitter effects, white/black-marbled vinyl, yellow-marbled vinyl.
We can offer the very last copies left (we have few of each title in the different nuances ...) which was supposed to be used as promotion ...
True collectors vinyls !

All albums in this series are coming inside a black cardboard cover with silver prints and one insert ...
Look also for the other Discs in the same “Security of Ignorance” series .

Track List :
Harvest Rain The Roam Of Night (4:26)
Harvest Rain The Night Rained Narcissus (4:32)
Harvest Rain The Midnight Field (2:21)
Harvest Rain Conversations In A Dead Language (3:57)
Harvest Rain A Song For Morning (3:42)
Harvest Rain My Butterfly (3:53)
Harvest Rain Cain's Baptismal Riverside (3:10)

Harvest Rain Dead Horses (6:53)
Harvest Rain The Golden Hands Of Morning (3:25)
Harvest Rain Blessed Front (4:01)
Harvest Rain Evening And Devotion (2:33)
Harvest Rain Coat Of Arms (4:24)
Harvest Rain Beneath The Pines (2:40)

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