How (Campaigns of Death and Martyrdom)


7" EP Vinyl (TESCO 156) - TESCO

Limited Edition 250 copies

Campaigns of Death and Martyrdom is the debut EP of the anonymous act from indonesia that studies the relationship between repressed ideological beliefs and the desire to expand and to subjugate others through short, cold, and punishing powerelektroniks.
It was recorded in mid-2018 and was privately distributed among close circle before getting a proper release by Tesco Organisation.
Created using field recordings and tape manipulation, the EP focuses on psychological deprivation; a sound of torture inside a 4x4 black site cell, survival of endless abuses, and the lost of senses and total freedom. In the end it’s a victory, but at what cost?
Black Maghreb is indeed an embodiment of ideological struggle that underpinned the hostile nature of mankind, as the true invasive species.

Numbered edition of 250 copies plus inserts

Those Who Sign with Blood
Twilight Over Grand Bassam
Opened the Gates of Hell
Clandestine Operation Enduring Freedom Reconnaisance in the Maghreb
Psyops Doctrine in Algerian Asymetric Warfare: A Study

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