Morituri Te Salutant Festival I

Various Artists (Awen / Et Nihil / Sonne Hagal)


Limited Edition 100 copies

The recordings of the "Morituri Te Salutant Festival I" that was held on September 7th, 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Special guest for "Sonne Hagal" for this live set was Kim Larsen (OTW&TM), while Erin and Katrin Powel (Awen) was performing also on many
"Et Nihil" tracks.
Great emotions and best Neofolk sounds captured on good ol black vinyl.

The elegant wooden box is limited to 100 hand and print numbered copies and contains:
§ 3 LPs
§ T-Shirt (M sizes)
§ Hand numbered booklet
§ Button
§ A print numbered flyer card for the venue.

A1 Awen - The Humble Hempen Cord
A2 Awen - The Bitter Augur
A3 Awen - Sacrifice
A4 Awen - Empire,Night & The Breaker
A5 Awen - Helith's Hill
B1 Awen - Tree Of Sacrifice
B2 Awen - Grimmigen,Grauen Koenig
B3 Awen - Grim King Of The Ghosts
B4 Awen - Little Edelweiss
B5 Awen - Seeker
B6 Awen - The Bonds Of Blood
B7 Awen - Take Courage!

C1 Et Nihil - Grave Desecration
C2 Et Nihil - Patterns Of Force
C3 Et Nihil - The May Report
C4 Et Nihil - Kronostory
C5 Et Nihil - Bled White
C6 Et Nihil - Patriarch Militant
D1 Et Nihil - Sonnenkrieger
D2 Et Nihil - Scry
D3 Et Nihil - Malign
D4 Et Nihil - Widow's Son
D5 Et Nihil - Dread November
D6 Et Nihil - The Dead Do Not Revolt
D7 Et Nihil - Seven Rays

E1 Sonne Hagal - Memory,Hither Come
E2 Sonne Hagal - Only Echoes Remain
E3 Sonne Hagal - Sonnenwende
E4 Sonne Hagal - Vengeance
E5 Sonne Hagal - Midgard
E6 Sonne Hagal - The Three Ravens
E7 Sonne Hagal - Das Letzte Lied
F1 Sonne Hagal - Eismahd
F2 Sonne Hagal - Midwinternight
F3 Sonne Hagal - Midsummernight
F4 Sonne Hagal - Futhark
F5 Sonne Hagal - To The Muses
F6 Sonne Hagal - The Horse With No Name

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