Resignation I-II-III (Vinyl Box)


3xLP Box (186th Cycle) - CYCLIC LAW

Limited Edition 300 copies

Nordvargr’s Resignation project was initially born in 2008 exploring rhythmic and repetitive aspects of his musical output, merging elements of electronic music with dark ambient soundscapes.

Some words on the material from Henrik:
This all started in 2008 when me and Nils Ekholm started recording some demo materials, mixing techno inspired beats with dark ambient textures and old 78 RPM records.
Someone actually called the first chapter (released on CD by 205 Recordings / OLD EUROPA CAFE titled "1897") "Techno, if invented in the late 1800´s" which is not too far off actually.
The inspiration for the whole project was the attempted expedition of 1897 to reach the north pole by balloon by S.A. Andrée, which failed miserably as they crashed after two days and later froze to death.

A few years later I continued myself to record more materials for Resignation which was released on pro-CDR that I made myself in a mere 120 copies.
I continued to develop the sound of the first album, but worked even more with string arrangements and that frosty, old and melancholic sound profile.

As the years went by and I was busy with my other musical projects I temporarily abandoned the rhythmical approach, but in 2017 I was contacted by Polish director Jakub Charon who wanted me to help out on the soundtrack for his movie "Totem".
I was commissioned to make a track for a scene in a nightclub which resulted in the track "Totem visitations".
I also recorded a lot of rhythmic ambient tracks that I never used for the soundtrack.
At some point during 2019 I played these half-ready tracks for my wife and she insisted that we should finish them as she heard that there was something there... and behold, the third chapter was born.
"3" is more in-your-face than the first two albums, leaning more on distorted electronics and hard beats than ambient string arrangements, but it still maintains the same basic feeling.
At this point Jouni Ulvtharm actually named the music style "Forest Techno".

All the recordings have been remastered for this release. The vinyl version of "I" is quite different from the CD as it is the first demo recordings instead of the materials that were published previously as "1897".
The CD´s has a few bonus tracks that could not fit on the vinyls. Also - yes, there is a part 4 coming.
At some point.

Art and photography by Sandrine Pelletier
Box also includes an A3 Poster - Limited edition of 300 copies

§  Resignation I
1  I 10:25
2  II 3:40
3  II 7:38
4  IV (RMX) 6:08
5  V 7:23
6  VI 3:04
7  VII 8:20
8  9I (RMX) 5:08
9  4IV 6:39

§  Resignation II
1  Intro - I Put My Faith In The Lord 2:38
2  What Was Written Will Come To Pass 8:41
3  Among The Mountains And Rivers Flowing 4:29
4  Det Var Bättre Förr 3:59
5  Praeparatus Supervivet 6:11
6  Leedskalnin 4:24
7  Children Of The Masked Emperor 7:53
8  Outro - II (Reprise) 2:33
9  Nekrosis 5:52
10  Praeparatus Supervivet (Tac Rit RMX) 5:15

§  Resignation III
1  Totem Visitations 6:18
2  Nehemoth 5:37
3  Moder Kaos 4:53
4  When Serpents Appear 4:56
5  Evil Eyes Impaled 6:08
6  Inannao 4:04
7  For Those Who Bellow Grief And Tears 4:45
8  When Serpents Appear (BURG Remix) 10:40

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