Inno a Satana


10" Vinyl (OEMP 014) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 333 copies


  • Inno a Satana
  • Lucifer

How to define the Italian devils music known as Teatro Satanico?
Throughout their recording career they’ve crossed so many different genres that its almost impossible to label them down since every recording is so different from their last one.
In "INNO A SATANA (Hymn to Satan)" the music nullifies itself in becoming just a choir of voices reciting a real Satanic hymn composed in 1863 by Italian poet Giosué Carducci.
A dark chilling ambient composition that comes from absolutely elsewhere.
And if those Satanic murmurs and grumbles would not be enough for your most devilish taste just listen to “LUCIFER”, a true ritual-noise track mixing electronic and acoustic sounds with an eerie voice invoking the “Light Bringer”.
And beyond your belief read the personnel line-up involved into the making of these true Satanic recordings: Alberto MK, Ari, ClauDEDI (Ain Soph / Malato), DeviLs g, Dan Saint Julian (Testing Vault), David Youcide Muzakiller (Muzakiller Foundation), Marco Deplano (Wertham / Foresta di Ferro), Spectrae (Ain Soph).
Got this record to get the chance to catch your part of the demonic fire for burning down the lair of the liar god.
Hail Satan! Hail Lucifer!

Red vinyl with blue sparkles, numbered edition of 333 copies.

A Inno A Satana (Lyrics by Giosuè Carducci)
B Lucifer

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