CD Digifile (KSTK 008) - KAOSTHETIK

Released in 2009 as CD only, now here comes the special vinyl edition of Treha Sektori's first official release "Sorieh".
Dehn Sora, the man behind this unique project is also a member of Sembler Deah (Featuring members of Amenra) and a long time collaborator of the Church Of Ra. Recorded in complete isolation, in a moment of reverence and fury to create something physical yet unreal, the album unveils a music based on breath, the cutting of this breath, deconstruction and descent, meditative and ultimately broken.
Eyes open for all, a fine rain of dust and hands falls for ages.
"Sorieh" for "Sweat", the sweat of those who decide to create and edifice to go above the sun, without suffering burns. The last ritual has begun.

Limited edition of 250 copies, includes a 11" x 17" poster and a free digital download card.

Tracklist :
A1 Entori.Ketesnha
A2 Tentureh
A3 Temneh.Oh.Sentireh
A4 Interseiah Neh
A5 Presceth Keonah
A6 Solva Entera

B1 Senteoreh.Kerassiah
B2 Reasiah.Rehenerah.Resoreh

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