zur ew'gen Ruh


Mini CD in Wooden Box (Percht20 / Special Edition) - PERCHT / STEINKLANG

Wooden box with burnprint and artefacts from alpine forests.
And of course including the CDEP "zur ew'gen Ruh"
plus a bottle of "Zirbenschnaps" the original handmade Zirbenschnaps can not be bought anywhere and is only made by a few farmers in the higher alpine regions, where the ancient Zirben (Pinus Cembra) trees grow.
the Zirbentree is very rare to find, can get over 1000 years old (the oldest documented tree is nearly 2000) and is under strict natural protection.
In alpine traditions the Zirbenschnaps is said to cure quite every disease.
Strictly limited to only 50 numbered copies.


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