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CD Digipack (The Spheres Eight) - THE SPHERES

Release date 3 march 2014, probably available at OEC in the second half of March.

Their Nude Nuit Album: The Hallucinatory new album, 68-minutes in length, from PickNickMagick Skipsters CURRENT 93.
2LP black vinyl in full colour gatefold with band photos; folded A3 lyric sheet inserted.
All artwork by David Tibet.
Limited edition of 2000 copies.

Channelling C93 for this River are:
Jack Barnett (These New Puritans): organ, sound design and voices
James Blackshaw: bass, Ossian Brown (Cyclobe) : hurdy-gurdy and sidereal SingSong
Nick Cave: voice and voices
Antony Hegarty: voice and voices
Reinier van Houdt: piano
Norbert Kox: voices
Andrew Liles: electric channe
Tony (TS) McPhee (The Groundhogs): acoustic and electric guitar
Jon Seagroatt (Comus): bass clarinet and flute
Carl Stokes (The Groundhogs): drums and percussion
David Tibet: voice and void
Bobbie Watson (Comus): voices
John Zorn: saxophone

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