Early Love Music


2xLP (Ahnstern 23) - AHNSTERN / STEINKLANG

This is the vinyl-version of Werkraum's incredibly beautiful Folk opus.
This 2LP comes in highest quality 4-side gate-fold album cover with lyrics & photos + insert.
Several songs are different versions to the CD-release!
The vinyl-version is new mastered and it also contains one exclusive bonus-track!

Please note: the vinyl does NOT include the 4 songs of the 3" bonus CD from the wooden CD-box edition!

15 progressive & traditional, psychedelic & medieval folk songs and chants of Early Love.
15 dreamy memories of the merry blue days from Early Times.
together with friends of the groups CHANGES, LADY MORPHIA and STURMPERCHT.

A1 Beware The Jabberwock (2:38)
A2 La Marmotte (5:38)
A3 Ein Lied Von Lieb Und Treu (4:13)
A4 Santy Ano (3:25)

B1 Slafest Du, Vriedel Ziere? (4:08)
B2 Song For Erik (5:45)
B3 The Dream (3:13)
B4 Allgemach (3:38)

C1 Une Jeune Fillette (3:23)
C2 Der Schmied (3:45)
C3 Beyond The Evening Star (3:40)
C4 The Smiling Of The Rose (4:26)

D1 Wunde Und Dorn (3:54)
D2 Die Rechte Braut (3:11)
D3 Sanctity And Steel (4:42)

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