Adorned Path Of Stillness


CD Digipak (GH 135 CD) - GRADUAL HATE

DBU is an Ethereal, Neo-Classical / Dark-Ambient music project formed (in 2010) by the anthropologist and sound producer Philippe Blache, joined in 2015 by the Russian based singer, lyricist and poetical writer Natalya Romashina.
Dense, solemn, melancholic and profundly emotional soundscapes in touch with the mysterious ineffable beauty of the nature, depicting with nuances the vastitude of the inner worlds.
Main sources of inspiration come from the antique and the romantical poetry, symbolical seneries, mystical love, spiritual journey...
Precious moments of introspective melancholia punctuated by mysteriously hypnotic instrumentals.
This is a multifaceted album but also remarkably cohesive with many dynamics, emotional movements that will ravish fans of haunting and touching cinematic music in a rather classical mood.

1 Bereginya 6:01
2 Allegory Of The Körkalen 2:24
3 Firmament 5:46
4 Citadel In The Aether 4:21
5 Tempus Fugit 6:11
6 Clarté Lunaire 2:38
7 Seraphîta 10:27
8 Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet 8:05
9 Aplace Of Woven Reveries 4:26

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