Amplified Crystal II


2xCD Digipak (NF099) - NEW FORCES

Limited Edition 300 copies

Originally released on cassette by Endorphine Factory in 1993, this rare Japanese noise masterpiece features a remix of the B-Side of the C.C.C.C. "Amplified Crystal" LP by Aube on disc 1, while disc 2 includes solo tracks by the four members of C.C.C.C. as well as a final group track.
Over the course of these two discs the psychedelic noise of C.C.C.C. is reimagined by the deft hand of Aube (R.I.P.), deconstructed into the composite parts of Hiroshi Hasegawa, Fumio Kosakai, Mayuko Hino, and Ryuichi Nagakubo, and then rebuilt for a glorious finish.
C.C.C.C. exemplifies the overwhelming energy at the core of noise music, and New Forces is proud to make Amplified Crystal II widely available once more.
For an immersive listening experience, the original handmade packaging has been redesigned by John Wiese into a 6-panel digipak.

1-1  C.C.C.C. Amplified Crystal II - Special AUBE Remix 46:38

2-1  Hiroshi Hasegawa Scrap Breeder’s Brain Burst 9:53
2-2  Fumio Kosakai I'm Sitting In A Room 5:58
2-3  Mayuko Hino Sensory Nerves 7:54
2-4  Ryuichi Nagakubo Phallus 10:01
2-5  C.C.C.C. Fourth Dimension Memory 9:16

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