S/T (live in Borås 1996-09-28)


CD Digipack (Death 011) - COLD MEAT INDUSTRY

Cult release by Anenzephalia, a wellknown cult band in the underground industrial scene.
Obscure prject related to Tesco and to their label mates Genocide Organ, they have made a mark in the annals of German industrial music.
This is not just another Anenzephalia live recording, since this was a special, and may we add a very odd occasion: In Slaughter Natives and Mortiis(!) opening up for Anenzephalia.
We who were there recall an almost religious experience, an intense show with throbbing electronics setting up the scene for B. Moloch's chilling voice.
Many years later, this legendary live set sees the light again with this release ...

1 Eternal Night Breaks 5:00
2 Sawed 5:21
3 Volks / Emp / Fänger 4:54
4 A Tribute To... 7:38
5 A. B. C. 5:23
6 Live Rape 4:51
7 Final Pulse 5:21
8 Revenge (Day Of The Rope) 3:55

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