Annihilism (2nd Edition)



Limited Edition 50 + 50 copies

Second Edition for the 30th Anniversary of the album.
CD comes inside a poster.
Two different posters available each-one limited to only 50 copies.

A CD release of a true non-conformist artist - Ülex Xane and his vehement project Streicher, which is one of the Industrial underground legends.
Starting in Australia in the mid 80s with early projects such as Psy.Phalanx and Nife Junger, Ulex Xane began his Power Electronics/Noise project Streicher with a series of tapes releases on his own label Zero Cabal.
Originally inspired by his contact with Come Organisation (William Bennett of Whitehouse) and Broken Flag (Gary Mundy of Ramleh), Xane developed Streicher into his own unique style of Power Electronics, which came to be known as ‘Oi Noise’, extreme noise released mostly on cassette and distributed through the tape networks up to the early 90s which are now sought after collectors items.
Streicher utilises a mix of total power noise with covert military recordings.
A monument to futility, Streicher’s “Annihilism” recording is a stark comment on the current war without end.
Edition of 200 copies in 4 panel Digipak.

1 Nihilist Assfucks Manifesto 03:30
2 Holocaust, Harvest 01:02
3 Rectify Or Cease 06:03
4 Mutilation Victim 07:51
5 Decomposed Whore 06:05
6 Nothing Has Any Meaning 01:06
7 Nullify/Obit 02:33
8 Destroy You Motherfuckers 05:02
9 Blood Banner SS 01:08
10 Nicht Schuldig (Not Guilty) 05:18
11 I Don't Give A Fuck 03:46
12 Parade Fascisti 02:26

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