Carrying Your Halo


CD Digipak (NF104) - NEW FORCES

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For more than a decade Plague Mother has occupied a highly influential position in the noise underground.
The artist boasts a unique sound that blends haunting ambiance with crushing walls of noise, overlaid with an emotional intensity most artists would never even attempt.
With an exacting compositional approach honed on cassette releases for some of the finest noise labels in operation, New Forces is proud to present the first full-length CD for Plague Mother. "Carrying Your Halo" is the projects definitive statement, 9 tracks of anguish and catharsis that shred the listener to the bone before rebuilding them stronger than before.
Plague Mother is unique in its ability to infuse compositional complexity into some of the most minimalistic and punishing aspects of noise.
Anxious static pushes the listener's anxiety to the breaking point before avalanches of sound shatter the tension.
A powerful statement from one of the noise underground's best.
Featuring original album art by Alexandra Desipris.

1.  Legs Folded, Methacrylate.Floor 14:29
2.  Pitless Impermanece 8:20
3.  You Die Daily And Daily I Mourn 5:28
4.  Dissociate 9:17
5.  Addled, Bargaining 2:30
6.  Like Sunlight To The Drowning 5:18
7.  Absence & Presence 6:06
8.  In Perpetual Eulogy 2:10
9.  Not Really Here, Already Gone

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