Limited Edition 199 copies

The genesis of this work is  incredible.
In the  office where I used to work I found a stamp with the word ‘’COMPRESA’’ ("Included" for English) and so I came to the starting point for a faced experiment.
Erasing the second, fourth, sixth and eighth letter I obtained the title ‘’CMRS’’, than by deleting the first, third, fifth and seventh letter, I obtained the title ‘’OPEA’’ , this fascinated me.
I had recently bought a synth KORG MS20 and so I began experimenting with it but  having only  one output  jack I had to  connect it  to my AKAI cassette-recorder that had  two inputs, the  inevitable   consequence  was  a  mono   recording  (something   this  was  even strictly  maintained,  but divided  on 2  channels).  
The  result that  followed was  a C90 cassette with  very grim  and voluptuous electronic sounds.
The tape was  distributed only to a very few friends and followers. 
All this happened back  in  October  1980.
Then this recording had virtually desapeared until a few years back when I was in contact  with Vittore Baroni who wrote me that he had  a copy of ‘’CMRS/OPEA’’.
This work is of absolute historical value.
 It will surely make happy a lot of my genuine fans.

- Maurizio Bianchi - February  07, 2015

Decomposed in October 1980 using cacophonelectronics, and dedicated to the physical attraction to Sylvia Simonelli (September 1980 / June 1981).
Originally issued as private C-90 cassette in about 7/8 copies, and distributed only to very close friends.
Mastered by M.B. - 2015 Milano.
No changes of pitch were made in the mastering process. 

140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve, comes in a deluxe pure white sleeve with b/w pictures, limited to 199 copies.

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