Limited Edition 300 copies


Split album.
A side belongs to LINGUA IGNOTA offering stripped down piano and vocals renditions of Scott Walker's "Girls From The Streets" and Dolly Parton's "Jolene" mark a departure from her previous works.
On the opposite side THE RITA deconstructs works by Igor Stravinsky played by Mallory Linehan, continuing down the path of ballet obsession explored in recent years.
Second edition of 300 copies in pro-printed sleeves.

Ongoing collaborations with THE RITA explore notions of embodiment and disembodiment, obsession and worship, creation and obliteration.
COMMISSIONED is what we asked of each other, as the work is no longer just about the sonic realm — it has become about us, he and I, and our awareness, embedded within almost two years of constant communication, back and forth, exchanging ideas, exchanging heartache, one following the mind of the other.
That our work is so different yet rooted in restlessness, an inability to sit still, loneliness, and follows angles, lines. The line of a voice vs. the line of a wall. COMMISSIONED is an understanding, a pact.
** Kristin Hayter

A1 Lingua Ignota - The Girls From The Streets (Scott Walker)
A2 Lingua Ignota - Jolene (Dolly Parton)
B1 The Rita - Black Eye Makeup Headband
B2 The Rita - Red Makeup Circles On The Cheeks

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