East of Sweden



Recorded live on a boat in 2008, this CD documents the first performance of Comus in over 30 years.
Evidently whatever pact they made to make First Utterance had a retirement clause in it as the band sounds remarkably potent here.
Had this been an archive recording from their creative zenith, I would have been impressed but bearing in mind this is the first time they had taken a stage together in over 30 years, this is phenomenal.

Playing at the request of Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt (a massive fan of Comus to the point of naming their fantastic 1998 album My Arms, Your Hearse after Comus lyrics), the group made their way out to a metal festival based on a cruise ship setting sail from Stockholm where they received a rapturous reception based on the sounds of this recording.

Violent, murderous and exquisitely played, this is the perfect example of why Comus were such an important and thrilling band.
Importantly, it shows that they still have the potential to stir up the same feelings and excitement in listeners today.
East of Sweden is a ferocious and essential recording.

Tracklist :
1 Song To Comus 8:25
2 Diana 5:06
3 The Herald 10:00
4 Drip Drip 9:15
5 The Prisoner 7:16
6 Venus In Furs 3:24
7 Song To Comus (Encore) 8:13

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