Giant Fish


CD Digifile (sssm-113) - SSSM

Giant Fish is the result of creative collaboration and sharing of sounds between Contagious Orgasm and Instinct Primal.
The album is a rich mixture of deep, dark, funereal and space ambient with rhythmic beats.
Some tracks demand your full attention and there is no escape.
Some can have a hypnotic effect on a sensitive mind and trigger a whole new inner world of abstract ideas and imagination.
Clear your mind after a difficult day and dive yourself inside those sounds.
The sound is made for a experience listeners who like to enjoy a daily dose of "primal orgasm".
Released in a four panel cardboard sleeve.

Tracklist :
1 Machines Of War 4:14
2 Dismal State Of Mind 2:35
3 Solitude 5:37
4 Back World 4:53
5 Time Axis Distorted 3:48
6 Cleft 3:48
7 Practice And Enjoy 7:49
8 No One Is Safe II 6:27
9 Giant Fish 4:06

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