The Dark Illuminati: a Celestial Tragedy in Two Acts



The Thelemic Warlord is back; and after years of silence and solitude Aldenon once again presents us with a true masterpiece - "The Dark Illuminati - A Celestial Tragedy in two acts".

This is an epic saga of eight illuminating pieces trying to penetrate the core of the Darkest Light. Aldenon's characteristic growling coupled with Linus's bombastic drums and Karin's serene voice come together in a tapestry of ritualistic, penetrating and sinister ambiance. Included are three timeless classics in new and improved formats... Choirs, strings and intricate orchestrations bring about an unforgettable tale that won't leave any listener untouched; possibly giving rise to more questions, than it poses answers.

So what is it?
The Dark Illuminati - The Dark Enlightened....
A global elite attempting to enforce a world government?
An organization controlling world affairs?
The New World Order?
Or a Secret Few, merely seeking to preserve the Dark Light....?

Well... The Stage is set.
The Music begins to play.
But the Script has been lost.

1.The End
2.The New Oath
3. Fire
4. Credo V
5. Sympathy for the Devil
6. Drinking to the Angel of the East
7. Religion
8. Hymn to Lucifer

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