Cinq Faux Nids Six Faux Nez


CD Digipack (CL011) - LE CLURICAUN

Two of the most important underground French bands present their first collaboration in more than 20 years of existence, expect the best of these 2 cult bands concentrate in 1 release.
Very constructed dada ethnic music, sometimes dark and oppressive, sometimes ambient and disturbing, sometimes trance and evocative, with weird electronic sounds and mad saxophone, always inventive and intense.

1 Slow-Fi 7:09
2 Sous Tes Reins Scientifiques 4:07
3 Fibres Synthétiques 9:41
4 Kingdom Come 7:20
5 Greffe D'Organ 11:53
6 Voight-Kampff Test 9:09

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